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Tony Addy
Tony AddyTripAdvisor Review
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My fiance and myself decided to stay in one of these cabins as a small get away. We have 2 sons and 3 daughters between the two of us. We have 2 teenage girls who are working most of the time or doing sports, and it is all quite hard to keep up with. My job is demanding and requires me for every day of a regular work week, and sometimes but not all, for all of the week. My fiance has two jobs which she balances well, but is needed for the whole week. The cabin was more than expected. The area is beautiful and the woods are so peaceful. It worried us some that we would be next to the woods, thinking only of raccoons or larger animals ,such as coyotes, but our fears were put to rest as the only creatures to visit us were birds singing only tunes of joy. It is fit that the birds seem so comfortable and upbeat, if this was my home, unexpected tunes of joy may just burst from my lips as well. The cabin can easily be called home-like, with benefits of course. There is a beautiful and vibrant waterfall not far from the cabin. It is one of the most peaceful places that we have been blessed with in a long time. Although it is open to the public if someone were to stumble upon the waterfall during a quiet day, when the sun is setting and the water is running slowly over the rocks with the beautiful honey swirls it was named for, that person may just forget that the world exists, that in that moment in time it is only that peaceful waterfall. The cabin seems to be built for anyone, my fiance who does not share just as great a love for the outdoors as myself, found herself watching a fire from the back porch, or watching TV on the couch. There are plenty more activities to approach with an open mind in such a comforting and providing environment. The pool was amazing, it was not so large that it overwhelmed us but not so small that we were hitting walls at every dive. Its a perfect temperature and cleaner than any public pool that we would ever find ourselves in. With the pool and the cabin and the waterfall, comes a hot tub, sitting on the back porch. It was not in the way of things and was just as clean and enjoyable as the pool, if not more. The loft bed is not only convenient to the rest of the cabin but comforting. Everything about the cabin was comfortable. There was nothing that we saw there that was not more than enjoyable. The hospitality of the renters was better than in most fancy or famed hotels, and the prosperity of a self founded establishment is something to smile at. The well kept cabins and the comforting details are what make this place a go to spot. This website is simply for suggestions, and reviews, but I find that I may have dragged on a bit. Tell me this though, if you were to stumble upon a great escape and a place to call your own, would you not speak of it as long as you could, if only to keep the memories still fresh in your mind?
Eric M.
Eric M.TripAdvisor Review
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We were a bit reluctant about staying here, but only because we had never gone before, and the cabin is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Every other cabin we called was booked, and we stumbled on this place... they had an opening in the Emerald cabin (they have two cabins), so we booked it for the following weekend (our anniversary) and hoped for the best. The cabin looked exactly as pictured online. Not too big, not too small, literally perfect in size. The outside of the cabin was amazing, and inside was possibly even better! Log cabin beams and wood all around with a big vaulted ceiling (what you would picture when you think of a cabin), cool spiral staircase to the bedroom loft (the sleeping loft had an air conditioner which was welcomed for the warm July nights). The kitchen had all of the modern conveniences we could need (stainless steel fridge and freezer, a stove, microwave, coffee maker and sink), and the living room had everything to insure a comfy stay, a love-seat (that also folds out into a bed, which we used late at night when we cuddled and watched scary movies), a television with DVD player, AND satellite! I thought they'd have maybe only a few channels, but they had all of the premiums! Didn't spend too much time watching TV of course, but it was good to know in case it had rained the whole time and we were stuck indoors, that we had options. When we went out back we found the hot tub, which is honestly where we spent most of our time. I even jumped in about half an hour before we had to check out, because I just couldn't get enough. After a long summer day at the cabin, grilling steaks and burgers (charcoal grill provided, just bring your own charcoal), enjoying a fire at the pit (we made s'mores and watched the sun set), and having a few drinks, there was nothing better than capping off the night in a hot tub with a loved one. Overall it met or exceeded all expectations, the location was quiet (in fact the only other person I saw the entire time we were there was a young Amish boy who was across the street as I got out of the pool whom waved to me), and it was a great weekend trip to be alone with nature and the one you love. I really enjoyed all of the little touches the owner's put into the cabin as well. There were quilts and blankets all around, coffee with filters, towels upon towels, dishes, full cutlery, pots and pans, tongs, we even found spices which was a pleasant surprise, because we didn't bring any for the steaks we bought. There was also a couple of cute journals in the living area, in which other visitors had recorded stories about their stays. It was fun to read, and added to the charm. Long story short, we loved every minute, and I've decided I want to come back to stay for my birthday weekend. 😀
Tim Bock
Tim BockGoogle Review
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Cozy cabins with amazing views! The perfect place to escape the real world!
Dierdre Engstrom
Dierdre EngstromGoogle Review
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This place is amazing! At first, we we're a little worried because, for the price, $330 after tax for a whole weekend in a nice cabin with a hot tub? We were like no way, too good to be true! My husband and I came here for our honeymoon. After 15 years together and six children we finally got married. We were definitely looking for something inexpensive, but quality, because we felt we deserved something special for our honeymoon. Well, when we got here we were ecstatic, this place is beautiful. It has tons of woodwork, a gorgeous Loft, everything you can ever possibly need for a weekend away, it's the perfect getaway. They even have everything provided for you, short of food. The cabin is supplied with Linens for the bathroom and bedrooms, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, even pull out couch. It definitely has rustic charm, and the owners are thoughtful enough to provide a bulletin board in the cabin with an itinerary for attractions around the area. There is even a map of the surrounding area for you to find events with. We are more than satisfied with our experience here at Sunset Ridge log cabins and we will definitely be coming back again in the future. Our only regret was booking it for only a weekend. We really should have booked it for at least a week, it's fantastic value, great quality, beautiful surroundings and so relaxing. We would recommend this cabins to anyone we know.
Joselynn Morris
Joselynn MorrisGoogle Review
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Sunset Ridge is a hidden gem holding true to its cabin name of sapphire. If your looking to relax and just unwind and get away from your life this is the place for you. This small cozy cabin offers a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. If solitude is what u seek you can find it here. The views from the cabin are stunning and the comfort of the sounds of birds during the day and frogs at night is everything you seek when looking for a great outdoor retreat. I would highly recomend Sunset Ridge cabins to anyone who is looking to reconnect with there loved one. The cabin has a wonderful hot tub to enjoy day or night. The firepit allows for fire and cooking as well. The loft witch holds a queen size bed is very charming. This cabin is set up for 2 guest's perfectly. Peaceful and serene we will be back!
Dale Jones, Jr
Dale Jones, JrGoogle Review
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One of the most secluded refreshing and relaxing place I have been so far. I Travel quite a bit on a motorcycle all over the country. My wife and I recently spent two days here in complete seclusion. I would highly recommend going to this place. The owners are very accommodating and are there to help in anyway they can. Clean priced right I just can’t say enough about it other than go. Now here is one thing everyone needs to know do not go here on a motorcycle the roads for most part are not motorcycle friendly. But if you’re looking for a place to get lost and enjoy reconnecting with your most important person this is definitely the place to go. Thank you to the owners for an outstanding visit you went out of your way above and beyond the call of duty. We are definitely coming back in the car of course.