Things to bring for your getaway

Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor hair dryer, etc. Bring things you’ll need for your bathroom and shower. 

Each cabin is equipped with a  full, small kitchen with basic appliances. You’ll need to bring your own groceries, paper towels, extra coffee grounds, that sort of thing.

Local pizza delivery is available on Sunset Ridge.

Each cabin is supplied with well water.  While it is perfectly safe to drink, guests sometimes prefer to bring their own bottled water. 

Bring charcoal, lighter fluid, matches/lighter, foil, etc.  These things can be purchased in Danville. 

Mosquito repellent, blankets*, binoculars, etc. These things can be purchased locally.  Firewood is available onsite for $10 per stack.

*The blankets we provide for the beds must not be taken outside the cabins.