Rental policies

November 20, 2015


Cancellation Policy

  • No penalty if made two weeks before expected arrival.
  • Cancelled at one week prior:  $25.00 fee
  • Cancelled at less than one week prior:  $50.00 fee
  • Cancelled on the day of expected arrival:  NO REFUND
  • Early departure:  NO REFUND
  • Exceptions to these policies include Holiday reservations and reservations for Kenyon College events which need to be cancelled 3 weeks before expected arrival. or no refund will be made unless we are able to re rent the cabin
  • If a legitimate problem arises with the accommodations and you choose to leave without allowing us a chance address the problem first, no refund will be given.



We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  You can pay for your rental in cash, at the time of check-in, with a credit card on hold.  We do all bookings and collect payment information by telephone at this time.

Pet Policy

We do our best to provide a clean comfortable place to stay for everyone, therefore we do not allow pets in our cabins or on the grounds. If you are found with a pet in the cabins you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

Smoking Policy 

Smoking outside is allowed, Smoking is not allowed inside our cabins.  We provide ashtrays and outside containers with sand to place your butts in while you are smoking outside. You can be fined up to $100.00 per offence or even ask to leave, with no refund givin. Do not litter by discarding butts on the ground.  Put them in their proper place.  This goes for bottle caps as well. Do not throw any trash on the ground.

Fire Pit

Do not burn trash in the fire pit. No bottle caps, foil, metal or plastic is to be thrown in the fire.  Please extinguish your fire completely when you are going to bed or leaving the property at any time. Smoky Bear knows best.


You can buy firewood locally or on site for $10.00 a stack when available. (cash only)

Cell phone service

Cell phone service may or may not be available during your stay, due to our secluded location.  However we do provide a telephone on the porch of the main house.